Mapleglen is excited to welcome new products from Progressive Treatment Solutions. We accepted our first delivery on Tuesday (2/16) and have already heard great feedback from patients. The strains; 707 Headband, OG Ghost x Blue Dream, Salve Vida and their disposable vape pen filled with Island Sweet Skunk are moving quickly. Currently, we have 1g and 3.54g increments. All of these strains are excellent medicinal strains, great for pain, depression and anxiety as well as inducing quality sleep.

We are also looking forward to the return of GTI’s most popular strain Grape God Bud, as well as a new strain for Mapleglen, Pre98 Bubba Kush. We will also accept delivery on another disposable vape pen. This time an indica! It is loaded with YEM, X-Wing, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Great Divide. Great feedback on these pens from other dispensaries.

Mapleglen is not so excited about our Facebook page being temporarily removed and look forward to the day when discussions regarding medical cannabis are not censored and we can focus all our attention on providing quality patient care.

In the meantime,  our updated menus can be found here on our website as well as I will get off my soapbox now and let you all enjoy your day.


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